Simple + Smart Authoring

An enterprise authoring system built for process-based, long-term, large-scale assessment needs.

Workflow engine
Built-in - (Activiti BPMN)
Content lifecycle
Enterprise content
Automated processes
20 interaction types (questions) — readily available for your question and test needs. Custom interaction available upon request.

Our wizard style designer makes it easy to create content at speed, while our process engine is in place to ensure content quality.
No more clutter — With the use of content collections, metadata, and tagging. You no longer require nested folder structures that require training to find content.

Content collections (item banks) are flexible and can be made departmental or functional through process, permission, and properties.
Robust assessment assembly — giving you flexibility on structure and functionality.

By using our exam blueprints, you'll ensure the quality of your exams while giving you peace of mind for psychometric analysis.
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