Secure + Protected Examinations

Built using the Chromium framework — our browser locks down the student machine while supporting all your existing applications and operating systems (because it's Chrome!)

Windows, Mac,
& Linux
Prevent cheating — using our full-screen enforced web-browser, built on Google Chrome.

With no URL bar, browser tools, or plugins, we lock down the student browser experience; this prevents cheating by looking up questions or using third-party tools.
Protect questions — Students are unable to copy & paste, make screenshots, print, or share questions.

It is impossible to copy content into or out of the examination environment when using our lock-down browser.
Block applications — even when taking the exam from home, our exams cannot be started until all screen-recording, screen-shot, or desktop sharing applications are closed.

As a second measure, switching of applications or using tools such as Siri and Windows task manager are prohibited.
Centrally managed — browsers are given a name (e.g., Room 101) and can be configured from anywhere around the world.

Centrally managed browsers are the perfect solution for organizations who manage test centers, or massive infrastructure with different URLs and/or buildings.
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