Scalable + Dynamic Delivery

Powerful exam delivery capable of handling millions of students and branded to match your company image.

Scalable for
Bad network
& offline detection
Theming & custom
Open Standards
(QTI-based delivery)
High performance — capable of managing millions of students.

As will all of our products, the ExamPlayer runs independently and can be scaled explicitly to match your audience.
White labeled theming — Give your students an experience which matches your story and brand.

Items (questions) can be configured/designed to match your target demographic, whether you need simpler interactions for younger students or just better accessibility for visual impairment.
Accessibility standards — as a partner of IMS Global we tackle accessibility through the Accessible Portable Item Protocol® (APIP®) and Personal Needs & Preferences (AfA PNP) standards.

Features such as high-contrast, zooming, custom coloring, and item templating options are available for all students as a preference and also during live exams.
Scoring validation — using the ExamInspector.

Our ExamInspector allows you to preview item metadata while in use during item or exam previews. Changing answers enables you to view how the responses are being scored and therefore allowing you to validate the item/exam is working as intended.
Preview content — with this lightweight version of our Player. It allows for the previewing items and exams in a production template, without needing to publish schedules or exams.

The ExamPreview is available for the ExamEditor or a standalone product by using QTI packages (versions 2.1+).
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