• Business process driven
  • Content versioning
  • Lifecycle management
  • Advanced metadata search
  • Assessment publishing

Designed for teachers & SMEs.

ExamEditor is simple and smart. Our user experience team has worked closely with teachers and other learning professionals to deliver powerful yet easy to use features.

What type of exams are available?

ExamEditor is the first authoring tool which prepares your content for the future. Capable of managing millions of items, ExamEditor plugs right into your existing infrastructure.

Time Restricted

Our engine allows you to set time restricts at the item, section, and assessment level

Linear & Non-linear

Force learners to move in one direction, or allow back and forth navigational changes


Use adaptive algorithms to select more suitable content during the examination

Enterprise Features.

Capable of managing millions of questions, ExamEditor was designed with your favorite document management features in mind.

Item Classification

  • Permission based
  • Process driven


  • Question/ Items
  • Assessments


  • Content processes
  • Exam approvals

Item Lifecycle

  • Review periods
  • Disposition

Item Designer

  • Drag and drop
  • Wizard based

Question types


  • Audio library
  • Video library

Exam assembly

  • Automatic generation
  • Manual (drag & drop)

Advanced Search

  • Custom metadata
  • Full-text search


  • Active Directory
  • LDAP / OpenLDAP

User Roles

  • Content permissions
  • Application roles

Exam blueprint

  • Metadata thresholds
  • Define score and time

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