Secure + Flexible Scheduling

A flexible planning system which secures exams for a wide-range of examination experiences.

Test center
Location & calendar
Lock-down / access
4 schedule types — for different examinations experiences. Our schedules can allow for a remote, classroom, test center, and self-signup style exams.

If you centrally manage more than one organization, our product suite is completely multi-tenant enabled!
Multiple levels of security ensure that candidates are taking the exams where and when you want them to.

The use of access codes prevent students who know their login credentials from taking exams prematurely, while our ExamBrowser ensures content is kept private and removes the possibility of cheating.
Location management — enables you to manage the capacity of physical buildings and rooms centrally.

Calendar management — is enabled for both administrators and students; so it is easy to see upcoming exams.

Classroom management allows you to group students for scheduling and configuration can be applied to the entire group.

When using classrooms, you can separate the management of students from the schedule, so external parties can manage their own set of students (if they wished).

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