• High-stakes
  • Large volume
  • Platform independent
Product sheet

QTI Assessment Delivery Engine.

The assessment delivery engine is a state-of-the-art player capable of delivering and automatically scoring QTI assessments. This engine delivers the latest version of IMS QTI assessments to any HTML capable device.

What type of exams are available?

While this can be configured individually, we have three main types of tests:

Time Restricted

Our engine allows you to set time restricts at the item, section, and assessment level

Linear & Non-linear

Force learners to move in one direction, or allow back and forth navigational changes


Use adaptive algorithms to select more suitable content during the examination

Flexible and customizable.

Our delivery engine is both high performing and customizable. Listed below are just some of the great features our product has to offer.

Question types


  • Application text
  • Question content


  • Audio playback
  • Video stimulus


  • Text to speech
  • Contextual help

Item Tools

  • Calculators
  • Reference files


  • Assessment design
  • Item templating

Review modes

  • Flag questions
  • Partial or full


  • Result API
  • Correction API

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