• QTI based previewer
  • Preview individual items
  • Integrate into your products
Product sheet

Single Item Previewer.

Preview items in a production setting without having to build and publish assessments. Just like our QTI Player, this engine delivers the latest version of IMS QTI assessments.

Can I just use your previewer?

While the previewer is used in our end-to-end solution - we have also made it easy to integrate with yours

Plugin Integration

Integrate our previewer into your own assessment platform

QTI Importer

Simply import your QTI package for immediate item rendering

Simple and smart features.

Our preview engine is both high performing and customizable. Listed below are just some of the great features our product has to offer.

Question types


  • Application text
  • Question content


  • Audio playback
  • Video stimulus


  • Assessment theme
  • Item templates

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