To deliver exceptional and fair examinations, you need the right solution.

Every industry is different, so we created the functionality that works in the same way that you do.

Test centers

We keep up the pace with heavy demand and fast turnover. The combination of our ExamBoard, ExamBrowser, and ExamMonitor allows you to centrally manage our lockdown environment and delivery configuration while administering live exams for single or groups of candidates.
Education and corporate type exams can be low or high-stakes (depending on the exam). Our modular approach to assessment lets you pick and choose what type of restrictions you want to add. Once you have figured out security, our ExamBoard will allow you to manage your schedules.


Home-based exams

Allow remote examinations without giving up security. With Trifork, you get better security and proctoring abilities than in test centers. Why? Because computers have a better attention span than human proctors - plus they can monitor and automatically flag potential cheating without intervention.
Using an e-learning platform? Trifork assessment uses open standards like LTI. If you're using the likes of Udemy or Coursera why not add Trifork to give your content for a real high-stakes certification - get rid of that informal stigma.


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